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About Platform Lunar

Platform Lunar is an independent company builder focusing on Marketing Technology. We develop and use technologies to build up online advertising companies out of Europe.

Our team has a track record in the digital marketing industry spanning over 15 years. We have founded, invested in, and sold numerous successful companies in the fields of display advertising, social advertising and search advertising with over 1,000 employees in total. You can find our Platform Lunar offices in the European cities of Vilnius and Hamburg.

Our namesake is the Lunar Society, which comes from a club of scientists. The Lunar Society was known for supporting and advancing visionary 18th-century inventors. We, as Platform Lunar, similarly help companies by providing the core marketing technologies to scale and grow their businesses.

Our mission

We want to change the future of digital marketing – our mission is to develop marketing and advertising technologies (MarTech / AdTech) to solve challenges that have not yet been addressed in the market before.

Improve online advertising market
Build scalable business models
A strong and experienced team as a foundation
Optimization driven by big data and artificial intelligence
Develop state-of-the-art MarTech solutions


We believe in employing state-of-the-art technologies – We understand technology as an enabler for building scalable business models. Our enterprise tech stack is focusing on scalability, robustness, and flexibility in order to help companies grow and adjust easily to changing requirements.

Some of the technologies we are using:

Scalable Architecture
  • API first approach (REST, Spring Docs)
  • Java based backend (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud)
  • Single-page UI (React, GraphQL)
Big Data
  • Spark (Scala, Ephemeral Cluster)
  • Central data lake (Hive, S3, Redshift)
  • Dynamic data transformation (Digdag, Python)
Cloud based Infrastructure
  • Microservices (Docker)
  • AWS infrastructure as code (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Serverless operations (Amazon Lambda)

Meet the team

We believe in people – We see ourselves as a development boutique and work only with the strongest people in their respective fields. Our team of more than 45 senior professionals uses their mix of expertise and experience to see the best results in our projects.

Christoph Schäfer

Business Development

Chris is one of our founders, and leads the business and strategic development of Platform Lunar and its startups. He...

Dr. Nico Shenawai

Technology & Product

Nico is one of our founders, and leads the technology and product development of Platform Lunar. He has over 10...

Donatas Grinkas

Project Management

Donatas is the Lead Project Manager and is responsible for one of Platform Lunar’s development teams. He has more than...

Indra Laučytė

Organization & HR

Indra is the Lead for Organization and HR at Platform Lunar. She oversees all of our organizational processes and recruitment....

Jevgenij Kovalčuk

Project Management

Jevgenij is the Lead Project manager and is responsible for one of Platform Lunar’s development teams. Prior to Platform Lunar,...

Ramūnas Urbonas

Data Engineering & Science

Ramunas leads all data engineering and science related topics at Platform Lunar. He has 15+ years of experience in software...

Roland Mendes

Technology & Product

Roland is Partner at Platform Lunar. His work is focussed on technology development. Roland has over 10 years’ experience in...

Thomas Butzlaff

Business Development

Thomas is Partner at Platform Lunar and focusses on business development and strategy. Thomas has over 10 years’ experience in...

Work at Platform Lunar

We are always on the lookout for candidates with outstanding skills and potential. By joining our team, you will be able to learn and develop your experience along with some of the strongest professionals in the industry. We seek to hire only the best and brightest people from their respective fields. We believe that the key to success is teamwork and long-term collaboration.


We respect diversity and difference and believe that it makes us stronger. We believe in flat organizational structure and productive discussions whenever it is necessary.


Our projects will ensure you are challenged and keep growing every day. We seek to conquer these challenges together. As we work with our own startups, we see transparency and communication as key.


Your financial compensation will be in line with our exceptional standards. It consists of a fixed income, as well as stock opportunities for the companies we build.

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